Carpet washing

Mahda collection is willing to offer you dear ones services in the field of a specialized washing of all type of hand-woven carpets. If you have purchase carpets from Mahda collection, carpet washing services will be done for you dear customers with a special discount.

Washing carpets purchased from this collection will be done freely.

Repairing all types of hand-woven carpets

Mahda collection relying on its proficiency and experience in the field of hand-woven carpet can also undertake mending and repairing your damaged hand-woven carpets. In case of carpet purchase registration from Mahda website, your carpets will be repaired with a special discount.

Carpets purchased from this collection will be repaired freely.

It is recommended to consult with our experts before doing anything, for repairing and washing your carpet more accurately. For this purpose, you can leave a message (voice message) through the WhatsApp application to (+34) (912855403).