Mahda collection has started its specialized activity since 2020 and has collected a complete collection of the carpets with different designs, dimensions, and forms from different cities of Iran.
Mahda website offers you all kinds of hand-woven carpets, Gabbeh, kilim, Gajim (kinds of woven woolen carpets), handicrafts, Iranian crocus, nuts, and dried fruits. The main focus of this collection is on the quality and manner of offering goods.

The most important characteristic of Mahda carpet collection

The most important characteristic of Mahda carpet collection is that based on the extended communication of this collection with the carpet producers in Iran, it can offer the buyers with the highest quality carpets at the best prices and without any intermediator.
Based on the kind of features you have considered for your desired product, by using the site filtering feature, you can see all the products possessing your desired feature in front of you and register your purchase simply and with more assurance.

The secure purchases from Mahda collection

The symbol of electronic trust guarantees the security and confirms the Mahda collection credibility. So register your online order with peace of mind and receive it without spending additional cost and wasting time.
Our ultimate goal is to satisfy you. Offering products with the best quality and the most suitable prices is our main guarantee to you dear ones.

After sales services

Product return

The return policy of the product is one of the main policies of Mahda collection for satisfying customer. that is committed and adhered to it.
You have 24 to 48 hours to give back and if the received product contradicts with your choice on the site, or you are going to change the bought carpet for any reason, you have up to 7 days. So, buy with peace of mind because there is a room for remorse.

Before giving back the product, please contact our experts to guide you.

Washing and repairing the carpet

Also, by purchasing carpet from Mahda collection website, provide services such as washing and repairing your carpets for free and with high quality.

Free delivery

Purchases of 20 million Tomans/ €1,000, your order will be delivered freely.

Mahda multilingual website

For a better and faster communication with the target markets and promoting Iranian art around the world, Mahda collection offers its products in addition to Persian, in English, French, German, Spanish and Arabic on its website.

Simulation of the carpet in your house

For making better and faster decision, you can send us the photo of the place you want to purchase a carpet for it. With the assistance of simulation software, we simulate the carpets you have selected, or our proposed carpets which we believe are suitable for your desired place, and they will be sent to you.

The possibility to purchase in but Rials and Euros

Selling products and offering services internationally is one of the main purposes of Mahda collection. So, in addition to possibility of purchasing in Rials through Shetab (banking information exchange network) banking network, it has also provided purchasing through international credit cards

Accurate and quality content

In order you dear ones have a better and more accurate imagination and visualization of your desired product, Mahda has prepared professional photos of its products from different angles, and uploaded them on the website. Dimensions, type, and the shape of the carpet, information and specialized features of each product are also offered in order to have an easier and more accurate decision.