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Try to sweep the carpet once per two day and wipe it once a week with a damp cloth to remove excess lint from the carpet surface. It is better to wash the carpet thoroughly once a year. You can do this regular program for all your home carpets.

Another routine that you better to do to take care of your carpets is to change the place of the carpet. If you do not have enough space to move the carpet, just upside it down. This helps to the carpet durability and makes the carpet flatter evenly.

If you decide to store your carpet for a long time, it is better to keep it in a dry place away from moisture.

How to sweep the carpet

Sweeping is the most important step in protecting and caring for the carpet. To sweep carpets, it is better to use brooms with rotating brushes that shake the carpet lint and remove dust well from the depth of the carpet.

Carpets with high and dense lint, especially made of wool, may be sensitive to brushing and be full of lint. For this category of carpets, it is better to use a vacuum cleaner or devices whose brushes are adjustable.

Sweep in different directions to keep the lint and texture of the carpet status.

Sweeping is recommended three to four times a week for high-traffic areas of the house and twice a week for low-traffic areas.

Carpet washing methods

If you want to wash the carpet by yourself, it is better to pay attention to the material and ingredients of the roots and fibers of the carpet. If detergent is used on your carpet tissue, it will be removed with detergent and may spread to other colors. Use detergent only to wash carpets with natural fibers.

The best detergents for washing carpet are soap cleaners and detergents that have neutral properties.

First, spread the carpet on a sloping surface and wet its surface thoroughly. Thoroughly clean the entire surface of the carpet with a solution of lukewarm water and carpet shampoo by sponge. After washing, rinse it so that all the detergent is removed from the carpet surface.

To dry the carpet, it is better to spread it on a sloping place with a steep slope or hang it from somewhere. Be careful not to wrinkle the carpet when spreading or hanging it. After drying, roll it and carry it to the desired location. Avoid folding the carpet separately.

It is recommended to leave the washing of handmade and expensive carpets to specialized carpet washing centers.

Washing and cleaning the roots and sides of the carpet

Carpet roots absorb dirt quickly because they are white. So they need to be cleaned regularly. To do this, first sweep the edge of the carpet and remove its dust. Then wash the roots with a soft and clean sponge and a little carpet shampoo. Make sure that moisture does not penetrate into the carpet.

Finally, dry the roots completely. For this purpose, place a dry and white cloth under the roots to help them dry faster.

Do not stick the glue to the roots of carpet for extra maintenance, because the chemicals in the adhesive damage the roots. Our suggestion is to tie the roots of the carpet in groups so that they do not separate from each other and the carpet does not split or sew a cloth around the roots of the carpet to protect the roots from dust and early dirt.

How to wash acrylic carpet with white silk thread

If your carpet has white silk thread, perform the following steps in order to remove the stain or wash it (order of steps is important):

• Do not wash the carpet in different directions and wash it in one direction with a cotton cloth each time you wash it.

• To remove stains, use a dilute solution (20%) of Whitex with cold water and add a little washing powder to it. To wash the floor, rub shampoo floor the carpet with a cotton cloth or a sponge in one direction on the carpet.

• Prepare a diluted solution (10%) of clothes softeners with cold water and moisten silk of the washed part with a sponge.

• Place the carpet in a flat place to dry with regular direction.

• After drying, make the silk part, stand with using a vacuum cleaner.

 General Tips on Carpet stain removal

Generally, to wash stains, you can use a piece of cloth or sponge and a combination of lukewarm water and carpet shampoo, lukewarm water and white vinegar and detergent, or a combination of thinner or white alcohol.

• Remove removable stains with a spoon from the carpet

• If liquid spills on your carpet, clean it immediately with a dry cloth. But be careful not to spread it on the carpet while cleaning.

• To remove stains, use a mixture of lukewarm water, detergent and white vinegar and continue cleaning until the stain is completely removed. You can also use a good carpet shampoo for cleaning. Be sure to read the instructions on the box thoroughly before using the detergents.

• Rub white and clean cloth soaked in thinner or white alcohol or lukewarm water and carpet shampoo on the stain.

• If the gum sticks to the carpet lint, put a piece of ice on the stain and freeze it. Then gently remove the gum with a knife without damaging the carpet or knot.

• Use a white cloth to wash the stain.

• After cleaning the stain and drying the carpet, clean it with a broom.

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